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Oct. 29th, 2006




Monday. Insufficient interest in pub quiz punishment led to an impromptu game night at Rachel's in honor of her brother's visit. Before that, I met Carolyn at Solstice. They were out of sandwiches of the meatless variety; so I ran across the street to get something from the sort of new Jimmy John's. I should probably dislike chain foods, but I kind of love them, mostly because they will always taste like hungry late nights at university.

Tuesday. Pumpkin carving extravaganza at Samantha's. Carving tools (which came with Seahawks patterns [?]) cost twice as much as the pumpkin, but no bloodshed and my abstract design morphed from fish to dinosaur to gleefully voracious monsterface.

Wednesday. Marie Antoinette had maybe the best trailer of the year, and that turned out to be a set up for disappointment. It was incredibly dull but often pretty, which might have been the point.

Thursday. Borat was, of course, very funny. More naked wrestling than I thought to expect. It's hilarious that Kazakhstan is angry about this when it should be the US and A who should be feeling humiliated.

Friday. Michelle Orange came to Seattle to read from her book with literary pals. Afterwards, we went to the Big Time and sort of got kicked out for bringing in food from they Gyrocery. Later, the College Pub and Viva Voce / Silversun Pickups at the Crocodile.

Saturday. nothing, really. some typing.

Sunday. More pumpkin carving at Nicole's. With Prizes! Earlier in the day, getting caught in a hailstorm [!].
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Oct. 28th, 2006

beach, outside

the big chill / the happiest place on earth

inspirational artwork
posing with the worst painting in the place: susan lucci as the madonna in bloom?

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Dec. 29th, 2005


back in the procrastination game

After approximately three hours at the airport in Minneapolis followed by two hours of being delayed in and out of airplanes due to possibly broken engines (pilot: I saw a chunk of rubber hanging off the engine and thought that maybe I should call the maintenance crew and then the engine seal rubber analayst specialist) and then delayed catering (pilot: after forty-five minutes, we've decided to leave without the food so as not to have to find a new crew to fly/serve the flight), and a few hours of flying (reading: One Hundred Years of Solitude and watching crash), I got back to Seattle, retrieved my large quantity of luggage, and met up with Ellen, who was karma building by picking me up and returning me and my items to my apartment. After we dislodged everything from the mini and comically carried it (several awkward steps and locks) into my apartment, we drove over to B & O for smoke-free drinks and talked about the awesomeness of the Squid and the Whale and the maybe boycentric nature of people who like King Kong while some people were angry about not being able to get inside due to some sort of identification problem.

Then I went home and fell asleep to the first forty-five seconds of Studio 360.

Today I went to my office and started doing things like catching up with e-mail and trying to think about the practical considerations for my trip to Amsterdam. After getting a very late lunch across the street, I sort of fell into a yakisoba coma and directed my attention to catching up with all of the livejournal friendslist entries that I didn't really look at while I was in Michigan.

Even though I should go home or to the gym, I feel like I should finish reading and dealing with all of the open tabs in my browser rather than leave them open until tomorrow.

ha. the IMA closed early, absolving me of any fitness-related guilt. Sort of.

Nov. 11th, 2005


keeping up - thursday

Last night after work, I met a bunch of people (rachel, jon, jeff, carole, atri) for Ethiopian food at Queen Sheeba, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time. Something about the communal animalistic feeding frenzy plus tasty food equals fun oand overstuffed stomachs. After dinner, I was amazed that several people were ready to stop at B & O to get dessert on our way to meeting Carolyn at the Stumbling Monk.

I decided to drink my dessert and just drank Belgian beers while we gathered around a couple of tables in the back to play Settlers of Catan. Since there were six of us (jeff went home), we played as three teams. Despite Team Rachel/Jon breaking up team Josh/Carolyn's impressive Catan-spanning roadway with a settlement (just one example of Team J/C's undervaluing of sheep), we managed to reclaim the title and win the game. Apparently, the team aspect slows down the game; so it took forever and thus didn't make an especially good impression on Carole and Atri.

keeping up appearances : friday

In honor of the veterans, I didn't go to the office today. Instead, I spent the afternoon at Victrola reading science-type papers. Well, first I read section A of the New York Times until it made me want to slit my wrists (e.g., Krugman's column about the Social Security Donut, "Despite Recent Gains, Conservative Group Is Wary on Direction of Court" [#], "Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House" [#], "Senate Approves Limiting Rights of U.S. Detainees" [#], "Democrats Provided Edge on Detainee Vote" [#], "F.D.A. Reports Reduced Risks With Condoms" [#] ) or at least read film reviews and work through the crossword.

After accomplishing a marginal bit of necessary reading, I went home and tried to watch Law and Order (a very rainy day holiday activity, I thought), but the audio and video were out of sync; so I decided to catch an afternoon matinee.

I saw the Squid and the Whale. It is probably going to be my favorite movie of the year. It was just about perfect: quietly funny and sad and efficient and honest. I could have done with someone else in the William Baldwin role, but in a way, the oddness of casting him may have added something to the film. It written & directed by Noah Baumhach and Wes Anderson is one of the producers, so my loving it is probably not a huge surprise.

Feeling drained by the movie (it's kind of brutal), I needed to recover and thought that fries and a root beer float would do the trick, but instead it just left me feeling a little bit sick (I'm out of practice); so I went home and cooked some rice and vegetables.

Now I'm supposed to go watch the 1970s version of King Kong. It seems a little early to get into the spirit for the winter blockbuster, but it seems like a decent enough plan.
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Nov. 9th, 2005


last week in review

I don't know how I got so horrible about keeping the activities of daily living portion of my journal up-to-date. Luckily, last week was pretty standard and doesn't really merit a bunch of backdated posts. So, for the obsessives, a week behind a lj-cut.
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Aug. 5th, 2005


more things

Last night, happy hour was at TōST, which bills itself as being industrial chic. We sat outside on the back deck, which was nice once the blinding sun sank below the next building's roofline. There were very few people inside; so I have to assume that the industrial aspect doesn't kick in until later. Yet the happy hour food and drinks were tasty. Anyway, it's one of those Fremont places that I'd walked past for years; so it was good to finally check it out.

After a couple hours, I tried to check out the "God's First Solo Exhibit" at Priceless Works, but it turns out that the Stranger suggested going on the wrong day. Finding the gallery was tricky enough, Carolyn is a Fremont resident and even she didn't know exactly where it was located. Finding it empty meant that I had time to kill before catching the next bus.

So, I hung out at the Sonic Boom across the street and bought the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah CD. After a couple of listens this afternoon, I think that I'm willing to say that the hype is justified. It's kind of in the neighborhood of Neutral Milk Hotel, the Mountain Goats, and the Arcade Fire. Not exactly, but a good confluence of those sorts of elements.

Finally, there's an Arrested Development mini-marathon on just as I'm doing laundry and contemplating a plan. Or non-plan. But in one episode Michael seems to have a Sidekick that he doesn't use in a Sidekicky way.

Aug. 3rd, 2005

chair, apartment

this week, so far

Lately, I've fallen into the habit of getting into my office fairly late in the morning, which results in me staying into the early evening. This has the effect of avoiding most of the "beautiful" hot weather, which seems like a nice side-benefit as far as I'm concerned. All of this summer tends to induce Seasonal Affective Disorder.


The best thing that can be said about Monday's visit to the pub quiz is that we maintained a non-negative score throughout the proceedings. We also found our way to a booth; so we couldn't blame our poor performance on poor acoustics either.


On Tuesday, I was drawn to go to Sonic Boom to buy some CDs that I hadn't been able to bring myself to purchase from the Russian mafia allofmp3 site. This was also part of an effort to break my obsession with the last three tracks on the (Band of) Horses tour EP that I bought at the Block Party this weekend. So far, despite being nice albums Spoon's Gimme Fiction, the Arcade Fire's re-issue, and the Jens Lekman EP, haven't taken yet taken hold. I'll give it a few more listens.

Later, I met up with Peter and his girlfriend at Victrola where he showed off his superbright cameraphone flash, resulting in a ghostly picture of me. Because I couldn't allow myself to order a decaffinated beverage, I had plenty of energy to stay up late and catch up on my HBO watching. six feet under spoiler: is anyone else perversely happy that they finally killed off Nate? Unfortunately, I'm sure his ghost will still hang around to mope a bit.


Today. Nothing happened. Why don't you listen to some Horses at bandofhorses.com instead of wondering about all of the work that I did today? Or how about those awesome Bloc Party remixes from last week[scenestars]?

Jul. 20th, 2005


the week part of this week

On Monday I spent some time at the office, had a techfee meeting, went for a swim, and made an attempt at the pub quiz. For the first two rounds we were in the lead, but when it got to the part where we had to identify celebrities from distorted pictures we were completely crushed by the opposition.

Since it is now officially summer, I stopped at the Mix for a drippy ice cream cone on my way to the bus stop. It was good, but really really messy.


Today, after work I met Carolyn at the movie theater and we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I liked some parts -- everything up to the factory and the squirrels -- but I'm not sure if I liked the whole thing. My biggest immediate complaint is that most of the Oompa Loompa songs were unnecessarily hard to understand. But maybe I'll think about it and conveniently forget about the flat parts in the middle and the indifference to the horrible fates of the children and like the memory of the movie better than the experience of watching it. This happened to Stephanie Zacharek [salon] and she's usually always right.

After the movie, I'd hoped to see Mount Eerie. Unfortunately, they (/he) wasn't the headliner; so I missed the set. But the bouncer let me go inside to buy the new CD (No Flashlight) before I left. The packaging is incredible -- it includes a CD and a record. The liner notes, unfolded, take up about half of the dining room portion of my apartment. I'm listening to the CD now and it's pretty great, too.
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Jul. 19th, 2005

chair, apartment

various weekendery

I used some of my weekend time to make my apartment less messy and less dirty, which was fairly necessary given that I hadn't been home for most of the past month and things had rather gotten out of sorts with all of those unopened pieces of mail and unread copies of magazines like the Week, which I had subscribed to out of pity with frequent flyer miles that I never expected to be able to otherwise redeem. Not to mention the other general clutter associated with a reluctance to fully unpack and put things in their places after travels.

Some of the other time was dedicated to going to Vain to get a haircut. Even though I'd grown sort of used to having quite a bit of hair, my stylist thought that it wasn't the best idea for the summer. Something about the humidity, and since I was open to professional guidance she cut quite a bit of it off. When she was finished, one of the other stylists asked if she could take pictures of my head so that the style could make its way to Japan. Although I'm not convinced that this wasn't a bit of trickery to make me feel better about the whole matter, who doesn't want to be big in Japan, right?

Later, it was time to go to Carolyn's Bring Your Own Chair party (themed to accommodate her recent status as someone without a roommate, the roommate in question being the owner of much of the furniture, etc.). On the bus over, some people were having idiotic conversations about Prince Harry and how wasn't it sad that the swastika had taken on a sinister meaning.

Nevertheless, some people actually did bring their own chairs. I brought only beer. In the long run, this was more useful since people usually just stand around at parties drinking; so who needs a camping chair anyway? In fact, Jeff kept running off to the grocery to buy bottles of champagne because he and Betsy were very enthusiastic about being happy bubbly drunks. Instead of unhappy beer drunks, I guess.

The other major activity of the party was busting up a piñata that was shaped like a purse. Carolyn made it herself for a theme unrelated to BYOC, namely Vicky's birthday. We stood out in the backyard while the purse was dangled from the balcony and people took turns swinging at it with a plastic bat. After many people unsuccessfully tried to free the contents, it came to be my turn and I just skipped the blindfold part and broke the thing open. No one seemed to notice or care, maybe because there's a limit to how long adults will stand in the dark waiting for the piñata part of the evening to be over. Or possibly because they were excited about all of the contents. Or just that no one really notices when you're blatantly breaking the rules.

Anyway, Carolyn had filled the paper mache creation with lots of fantastic prizes like sparkly rings (some with lip balm!), men on parachutes, monster finger puppets, candy, and glow in the dark frogs. These frogs came to be a point of contention later when Jeff made many efforts to steal the one that I'd recovered from the lawn.


On Sunday I probably did more stuff around the house, like laundry and watching a bunch of HBO shows that I'd missed. Also going to stores and buying items and getting an iced espresso beverage and working on writing a paper.