josh (joshc) wrote,

in summary

I talked to my dad this morning, ran some errands in the afternoon - post office, drug store, thesis writing at solstice, got home, watched a Buffy rerun, and went to Red Robin for Joe's celebration of American things missing from Europe.

I hope it wasn't incredibly annoying that I showed up late and then had Rachel pick me up early for Elya's party. I really didn't expect the events to overlap.

The party was a mix of public health people, doctors, and "real people" (mostly spouses of the other categories). Actually, I think that the public health people were divided into student and employed sub-populations. In any case, most of the people there were really ambitious -- they kept trying to recruit us for a 7:30 hot spring hike. I suppose that's not such a big deal for people accustomed to the MD sleep-deprived training schedule.
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