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in summary

I talked to my dad this morning, ran some errands in the afternoon - post office, drug store, thesis writing at solstice, got home, watched a Buffy rerun, and went to Red Robin for Joe's celebration of American things missing from Europe.

I hope it wasn't incredibly annoying that I showed up late and then had Rachel pick me up early for Elya's party. I really didn't expect the events to overlap.

The party was a mix of public health people, doctors, and "real people" (mostly spouses of the other categories). Actually, I think that the public health people were divided into student and employed sub-populations. In any case, most of the people there were really ambitious -- they kept trying to recruit us for a 7:30 hot spring hike. I suppose that's not such a big deal for people accustomed to the MD sleep-deprived training schedule.


nah, it was good to see ya. even though we were at opposite ends of the table and hardly got to chat.
are you doing an MPH at UW?
No, I'm working on a M.S. (which is pretty similar). The major difference is that the MPH requires a practicum and the M.S. does not.