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walking home from dante's last night, a bike-riding girl wearing a silver helmet stopped to ask me if I was the chosen one.

I, of course, kept my identity secret.


Woah I have a silver scooter helmet. Does that mean I'm some sort of maji?
it's possible. it could also mean that you share fashion sensibilities with spacey biker girls.
You didn't tell them that you're the keymaster?
nah, she didn't look like gatekeeper material.
wait, did she speak with an accent at all?
completely accent free. maybe a little druggy/stoner, but i'm not sure that counts as a valid accent.
Compare/contrast with "are you going to have sex tonight?" comment on our way between Rendezous and Five Points this March.

Sorry for extreme back-reading (stalking). I'm too stressed about tests to sleep, yet don't want to study either.

What do you do when you're not motivated to study, but know that you will cry if you get bad grades? No really. I'm setting myself up pretty amazingly for this one, so some advice is needed. Not that you've probably ever done this.
I'm never motivated to study, but I gave up on caring about grades a really long time ago (maybe after the first semester of Freshman year?).
this is the last semester grades count (clerkships). it doesn't help that i have a professor who has twice now admonished me to "keep my grades up!" i'd really like to get a circuit clerkship. but i might not.

i swear that i'm not going to care next year. all my friends make fun of me and claim that i'm lying, but i'm really not going to care.

but then i worry that this "not caring" is going to make me bad at my job.

and instead of doing something productive or sleeping (it's 3:30 here, if you didn't notice) i'm just lying awake, stressing, and surfing the internet.