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weekend recap

wandered around REI for inspiration. left overwhelmed and empty-handed. after that, went to finish line for shoes and helly hansen for a light jacket. both were warranted since my running shoes were old and i'd been looking for a suitable rain coat for a long time.

as we are trying to pack all of our things into carole's trunk, i am certain that a second car will be needed. we drive to damien's house in bothell and are faced with a giant cooler, confirming my suspiscions. we ditch the cooler and some supplies and manage to fit all of us and our things into the small car. this leaves me in a state of shock for hours. it is much like the trip in the taurus station wagon to florida. luggage surrounds us.

on the highway, hours ahead of schedule, we find ourselves caught in traffic. damien assures us that the everett traffic is common and lasts only five minutes. the five minutes pass and the traffic does not diminish. instead, we discover that two lanes have been closed on each side to accommodate cranes and assorted equipment required to dislodge vehicles from the median.

we arrive in anacortes twenty minutes before the ferry is scheduled to depart. despite the advice that two hours are needed to have a favorable chance of entry, the others are frighteningly optimistic. I try not to disagree loudly since there really is no harm in trying. as the boat departs without us, we are near the front of the overflow line. the next three hours are killed with a lunch at grandparent central, charlie's, and sitting in the dry grass overlooking a bay with other ferry waiters. a retired couple gives us a tour of their VW eurovan, which is about the coolest camping vehicle ever.

a few hours behind schedule, we board the next ferry and gaze upon baby seagulls nesting on one of the docks, eat frozen desserts, and re-create scenes from titanic on the journey across the sound.

sheep and masked horses are just a small part of the the pastoral landscape of orcas island island. we stop in the small town of eastsound to forage for supplies at the local grocery before arriving at west beach camping resort. we set up the tents -- rachel's is fairly conventional, carole's is a space-age and mouselike -- and wander around the campgrounds where we are befriended by a escaped dog. i call him thor, but he is fickle and leaves us for more interesting adventures.

we grill our dinner over a fire made from store-bought firewood and watch the sun set over the water. kate thinks the scene is cinematic, i decide it's a horror movie (killer whale attacks guitar playing teenaged campers dog saves the day). as night falls, i break new ground in s'mores research -- substituting banana for marshmallow. the metal forks allow for melting of chocolate and toasting of graham crackers. lab technique pays off.

we wake-up reasonably early, aided by loud foraging crows, eat breakfast and pack-up our site. we leave our leftover ketchup to the next group, boosting our camp karma.

moran state park is the setting for some hungry hungry hiking. luckily (?) we bought energy bars at the grocery. because i donated my manly clif bars to hungry people on saturday morning's endless drive, i am left with the female-targeted spin-off, luna bars. they are so empowering, that i wouldn't hesitate to recommend their tasty goodness to any snack-seeker.

a little over four miles and a couple thousand feet later, we arrive at the summit of mount constitution for one of national geographic's top ten views. though it would still be impressive to those who drive to the top, i think the extra effort of the hike improved it substantially.

full of peanut butter and jelly, feeling adventurous,and realizing that we had no chance of getting the 4 pm ferry, we decided to take a longer way down to take in more scenery a cool lake, waterfalls, a snake, and an old mountain man on the way back to our car.

after minor navigational errors, we get to the ferry terminal and find ourselves near the front of the last overflow lane. we leave the car in line to have a wonderful greasy dinner at the top of the line deli and eat ice cream from freshly grilled waffle cones. when the boat arrives, we are among the lucky - one of the last cars to board.

the traffic on the way home is considerably smoother. spending nearly thirty-six hours together, we stayed in good spirits. i have a feeling that my ankles and knees might be unhappy with me for the ten miles of up and down hills. even though it was pretty convenient, it still felt good to be camping, enjoying the outdoors, etc.

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