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didn't do much today. worked a little bit at home, went to the tech fee meeting, wandered around the bookstore looking for something to read on this weekend's camping trip. i was hoping to find mcsweeney's #8, but it hadn't arrived so i bought everything is illuminated. i was planning to borrow it while i was home, but my mom hadn't finished reading the copy i sent her.


eeeee! jonathan safran foer is the best best best best! i loved this book! ee!

do you get the new yorker (i ask, because someone who knows about/reads mcsweeney's might be cool enough for that)? another jsf story was in it a month or so ago, all about the punctuation of family.

i'm so excited that you're going to read this book! we will talk on monday!

thanks for the encouragement. it makes me feel better about buying his book twice.

i'm an off and on reader of the new yorker. i usually just buy it when i'm in the mood, even though i know it would save me money to subscribe. as for the foer story, i must have missed it.
i'll see if i still have it. you have no idea how cluttered my apartment is with new yorkers. they're hiding everywhere.