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bye bye morning

i had this great plan to sleep in this morning, but a vocal songbird vetoed that proposal. once i was awake, instant messaging had my morning for breakfast. i chatted with elena about bosses and the evils of morning meetings; and celebrity blogger andy dehnart sent me a random "hey" and we talked about curtains as a conversation piece / makeout incentive and the perils of reality tv stardom.

i hardly ever start IM conversations, but I find the list on online contacts rather comforting. it's nice to know that other people are simultaneously wandering around the internet, be they busy, normal, or occupied.


it's scary how often i use IM for work-related items. In fact there's companies now that sell instant messaging solutions for corporations. Next thing you know there will be capitalist pig emoticons. geesh.
i don't think i've ever used the instant messaging for anything that could be considered work-related. i guess it's similar to having a telephone turned on. if only there was an option to set status as "screening."

a capitalist pig?