josh (joshc) wrote,

what did i do today? (SRMM)

i just ate a whole avocado for dinner. there must be some rule against that.

my current obsession is finding the red cartoon weezer shirt for sale. there are a couple on eBay, but they're a little small and kind of expensive. like i mentioned elsewhere. if stalkers are reading my mind, this would make an excellent gift. just in case you're wondering.

pretended to work on my paper for medical informatics. no really. it's almost done. i've fallen into the habit of not being able to do any work inside my room. anything that gets done happens at solstice, the cafe a couple of blocks away. either that or outside in the sun.

also AOL's nifty instant messenger is a great killer of time. the cable is out and i don't feel like spending money to go out, so here i am with a night at the roxbury, god help us all. this is the perfect excuse to study for the prelim which is in about 10 days.
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