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yesterday was dramatic, today is okay

last night i talked to jenna_marie for a couple hours about a topic that merited nine words in her journal. she's like the cnn of our extended circle of friends. or maybe the national enquirer.

we talked about the year that she taught kris what living was all about, and how we had such different perceptions of that part of our history. that whole year was a WB teen drama.


thank you oh so much for airing that dirty laundry.

i talked about it? what did i say - oh i think i know.

he he


what dirty laundry?
I guess about me "teaching Kris about life" or whatever you said. I told you that wasn't what it was, but now you make it sound like I said that and that I meant it!!

what living really was about ...

sorry. i just wanted to document the funny phrase.

i'll confirm your denial of meaning it.

Re: what living really was about ...

'kay, I'll forgive you:)
I can't believe that you equate me to the national enquirer. I prefer the CNN version.

Also - I didn't want to air their dirty laundry on livejournal you know?


right, yeah. i wasn't criticizing you for being sparse. i just thought it was amusing, the contrast.

you can be cnn if you want.
Thank you! I like CNN much better than the Enquirer - for all of the normal reasons, but also b/c of the whole Samantha Bitley connection, too!
o.k., but i have a feeling that samantha bitley was more of a weekly world news gal.