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kindness of strangers

on the way home from the office, i deposited my reimbursement check from the hawai'i trip at an ATM. with my reliance on direct deposit, i must have forgotten about the critical step of taking my card from the machine.

about five minutes after i got home, a nice lady called wendy let me know that she found my card and statement at the ATM. she waited for me to pick it up from her at the princeton review across the street, even though it didn't appear that she had any reason to hang out there.

i really have no idea how she got my phone number, but i'm really glad she called to save me from my own stupidity.


My aunt was so emotionally bent out of shape one time that she left a couple of hundred bucks just poking out of an ATM. She doesn't have a lot of money to start with, either. As soon as she realised (and she'd only momentarily walked away) she went back and asked the guy who had been behind her in the queue (and who was now completing his own transaction) if he'd seen the money, but he said he hadn't seen anything.

My aunt said she couldn't believe what a poor liar the guy was; she could actually see that he was bursting with joy and could barely contain himself as he babbled away with some story about how ATMs suck the money back up if you forget to take it and it gets credited back to your account, and how a friend of his worked in a bank and helped to program the system that did that.