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almost done

today i spent time at the horrible stores in ludington with my mom and sister. we had lunch and went to the beach. the wind and blowing sand remind me of the last Blue Moon Festival.

I left the beach to catch up with Nick while he was taking a break from the campaign trail. He filled me in on what was happening with everyone in ASMSU-land. I like getting those minor details just to know that people haven't fallen off the planet of anything.

Well, I should stop making random CDs for my sister and start packing my clothes. Leaving for Seattle tomorrow morning actually sounds good.


whee you're coming back!

airplanes are heavy

yeah -

a week and a half in northern michigan and i feel like i've been away forever.
Have a safe flight back!
Dawn, Brad and I were trying to figure out the difference between these Blue Moon Festivals:

Erin Dawson
"God made all of this"
Nick, Josh, Kris hating Dawn, Brad, Jenna and sleeping in the tent
Getting wet in our clothes at the beach and having to change
Bowling w/Pabst Blue Ribbon


We just couldn't remember which event happened when.

Re: incoherent explanation

I think we may have sorted this out last night, but for the official record:

my first Blue Moon Festival was unofficial: this was the year that Nick's mom gave their treasured family dog away. The real festival may have happened earlier in the year: attended by James & Kris. Details are foggy

the next year was the year of Jenna & Erin bonding over a drive to Kalamazoo. It included the infamous "God Made All of This" trip.

the final year was the "we just moved to Toad Lane," now let's have irrational feuds. picture it: we're separated on the highway, next we go to the beach, then we're fighting over bowling, walking vs. driving, fireworks, camping, etc.

and now we wonder why the festival didn't continue...

I think I have more details somewhere on the newton which may clarify some details lost to the ages.