josh (joshc) wrote,

things that happened days ago

friday -
manistee - blue slipper for lunch. the restaurant is officially in the middle of nowhere. we drove for miles, with a stop at an annoying store on the way. the food was good, but our family is not particularly talented at being patient while hungry. after lunch, i go home with the under-21 set instead of gambling at the giant casino.

saturday - we fulfilled all the regular ludington traditions. in the morning, we wandered around the flea market to gaze upon junk that others think worthy of purchase. the art fair in the park provides an interesting contrast to the fairground flea market. both are entertaining in their own way. this year there are fewer booths at both sites, leaving more time for the beach.

the strong wind from earlier in the week is gone, so we play frisbee in the water and sit on the sand until some small insects upset our fun.

the evening becomes progressively stranger. following dinner with my uncle's new lover, family drinking games ensue. looking back, this makes more sense than it did at the time. i really have nothing else to say about this. happily, i report that my parents did not participate.

the boat was returned earlier in the day, so we pile aboard and watch fireworks over the lake. when we get home, the neighbors are having fun throwing explosives into the water.

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