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all american

after it rained for a little bit last night, we had a family outing to play mini-golf. it was surprisingly drama-free, probably because my uncle won. my mom and i tied for second place, which is strange since i am usually a horrible mini-golfer. i think it was all because i tied by shirt around my neck like a cape. silly clothes = mad golf skillz.

to celebrate our country's birthday, we'll probably go to the parade and watch fireworks on the beach. yeah, i'm all about the small town patriotism.

as much fun as this independence thing is, it would be nice to have phrases like god save the queen, etc.


I played mini-golf twice this weekend and won both times. Usually I suck it up! I guess a 2 year hiatas has done me good:)


yeah. once you start thinking about the game instead of spinning on the putter, things start to look up.