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losing track of time

spent the early afternoon on the lake michigan beach. a nice breeze alleviated the humidity that was almost visible in the distance. i don't remember the water ever being so warm. of course, i'm sure the lake has been that temperature in previous years, but its usual frigidity leaves a lasting impression.

on a weekday the beach moderately full, but it is not overwhelming. mostly families scattered at appropriate distances from each other. at one point, a group of children in neon innertubes resembled a group of ducklings.

after dinner, i find myself sitting by the lake reading instead of watching I am sam. Instead of a potentially weepy movie, I read and watch boats coming in and going out for the last hour of sunlight. The character of the outgoing boats distinctly different from the homeward bound. It's mostly lone guys taking an opportunity to fish before dark. i have no interest in fishing, and witnessing this phenomenon in others alleviates any guilt for letting my dad go out alone.

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