josh (joshc) wrote,

multiple shipwrecks

this afternoon, we tried a boat that my uncle was thinking about buying. we packed a picnic to go to the sand dunes and tried crossing the lake. unfortunately, this lovely boat had other plans. the engine died several times and we ended up being towed back to his dock. the boat was actually pretty horrible, it looked like something out of a bad movie.

when we got back, we decided to just stay near land. we did experiment with paddle boating, which was another adventure. the dogs tried riding in the boat and when that didn't work, they kept swimming after us. we eventually convinced one (lily) to stay at home, but darbey followed us halfway across the bayou until we pulled her aboard.

my mom and sister had a ridiculous time trying to get out of the deep water and back on the boat. it was very funny. we would not be ideal candidates for surviving a nautical disaster.

the rest of the day was lazy. it is warm and humid.

after dinner, we watched the majestic, despite being heavy handed at times and too long, it was a mildly entertaining diversion.

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