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leaving, arriving

i'm leaving on a jet plane

(by way of the friendly neighborhood metro bus.)

running late. bye bye rainy seattle / hello muggy michigan.


the plane was usual. leaving through the unexpected rain, much of the flight was in a cloud. there were many children on board who seemed to form playgroups as the flight progressed.

i mostly ignored the world from the last row of the plane by watching Vanilla Sky. Definitely not the best movie ever, but I almost appreciated the full explanation at the end of the movie. Cameron Crowe has a gift for soundtracks that made the whole thing more tolerable.

flying over detroit, there seems to be a carnival or amusement park in progress - strange.


my sister, sarah, picked me up from the airport, and i ate some quality taco bell food on the way home. it's been a while since i had the old reliable bean burrito. after sitting around watching tv, we finally convinced ourselves that sleep was probably a good idea since family fun starts tomorrow morning.


I can't believe you didn't like Vanilla Sky!!!!!!!

And the soundtrack IS awesome - highly suggest the purchase.

the sky

No, I thought it was okay, I just didn't think it was the best movie ever. I didn't think that you were incredibly crazy about it.

I think I have a lot of the soundtrack on the original albums, but it might be worth having the selections all together. or at least i could make a playlist...

Re: the sky

Do you not remember when we went out for dinner at Christmas time and Vanila Sky was the ONLY thing Jenna talked about???

Re: the sky

oh yeah. must have blocked that out. or blacked it out - i think i was drinking shirley temples that night!

i just remember that she said that it was must see, not that it was wonderful.