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feeling the love

i'm officially in love with the trachtenburg family slideshow players. just for the record.

(also with my friends for going, even though it was well past many of their bedtimes and they may not have been as enamored with the performance.)

i think the trachtenburgs are so great not because of songwriting ability or the novelty of their act, but because they really believe in being postmodern folksingers and seem to love what they're doing. they are earnest and rather funny and that translates to a endearing performance. i hope that new yorkers in the audience will check them out when they play shows at FEZ every Saturday in August.

on the way out, i grabbed a handful of slides and got an autograph from Rachel, the nine-year-old drummer, on a selection of color slides titled "The Ginza in Tokyo." Rawk.


you should have gone to their show at the vera project, it was cute!
did you read all the drama about them in this week and last week's stranger?
That little girl is ADORABLE. When are they coming to Minneapolis :)
i don't know. they're driving to new york in a van with their name painted in pink letters on the side. maybe you could flag them down and convince them to stop for a show?

or you could just visit aaron in NYC.
and I have her autograph
I haven't read this week's Stranger for the drama, but I did read the feature last week. Jason seems a little nutty, but it feel like part of the charm / act.

really, you have to expect that anyone who starts a slideshow band with his daughter will be a little eccentric.

now i should read the stranger to see if i need to retract all of this.
dang, i wanted to go see this, but it was past my bedtime.
yeah. i think it was probably past Rachel's bedtime too. How cool would it be to be up past midnight playing the drums to a packed house at age nine?



Dear Josh,

You were so right about the Trachtenburgs. They not only have taken NYC by storm, they have just returned from a tour of the eastern and central US with They Might Be Giants. Their reviews in Washington, DC, Philly, and Chicago were spectacular as were their reception by the live audiences at some pretty prominent venues.

Tuesday November 5th, they will be on the Conan O'Brien Show being chatted up and performing.

Keep your Rachel autograph. The new little princess of rock and roll has been compared to Meg White of White Stripes in the November edition of Spin Magazine. She was touted as a sensation by RokrGrl. She will also be doing an ad campaign for a guitar manufacturer who is making her a signature guitar that looks like a daisy. Yes, the little drummer girl is studying bass guitar with the best teacher in the world -- her dad!

Nickelodeon flew four executives in from California to interview Rachel while she was playing at a little club in Brooklyn. And, she was asked by Paramount Studios to audition for a role in a Jack Black movie. On the same night, MTV flew in a crew (same night,different plane) to scout the band.

In the meantime, the band has been written up favorably in MANY major national and local publications. Jason may be taking on writing the music for a Broadway musical. The little band that could . . . did.

When anyone who reads this gets to NYC, you gotta see them perform. Right now, they are so hot that when they enter a building, you have to call the fire department!