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I went to starbucks today at work and the barista said, "I saw you running the other day and thought 'hey - it's nonfat chai guy.'"

I think this means that:
(a) I go to starbucks too often
(b) I make a lasting impression
(c) I am predictable wrt caffeinated beverages
(d) Baristas have photographic memories
(e) Some combination of the above.


Re: quid pro quo

though it's not like she stopped me while I was running to say hello or anything creepy.

You know in televised marathons how spectators or officials hold out cups of water, and the runners grab them while running past, drink on the run, and then chuck the cups on the road?

If you smiled at her the right way, I think you and the barista could get a similar thing happening with the chai.

Re: quid pro quo

yeah. though it would be better if we could work something out in a non-running situation. when running, i just don't crave hot caffeinated beverages.

maybe if i were walking down the street and someone delivered a tasty beverage on cue. that would be something.