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I went to starbucks today at work and the barista said, "I saw you running the other day and thought 'hey - it's nonfat chai guy.'"

I think this means that:
(a) I go to starbucks too often
(b) I make a lasting impression
(c) I am predictable wrt caffeinated beverages
(d) Baristas have photographic memories
(e) Some combination of the above.


Re: smash the state

the starbucks is right in my building. there is another across the street. resistance is futile.

actually, this is the first time that i've been there in several weeks and i definitely don't go there for recreational caffeination.

as a final point, the beverage wasn't even coffee-based!

Re: smash the state

you've nearly adequately rationalized this.

just don't let me catch you there again.