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I went to starbucks today at work and the barista said, "I saw you running the other day and thought 'hey - it's nonfat chai guy.'"

I think this means that:
(a) I go to starbucks too often
(b) I make a lasting impression
(c) I am predictable wrt caffeinated beverages
(d) Baristas have photographic memories
(e) Some combination of the above.


's how they get tips! remembering faces and drinks! it makes people feel special.


yeah, the dollar sign is the bottom line...
a) you drink coffee / coffee beverages frequently.
b) you frequent starbucks.


seriously, starbucks is hella nasty. go somewhere else, don't support the man, drink better coffee.

they'll still remember you.

Re: smash the state

the starbucks is right in my building. there is another across the street. resistance is futile.

actually, this is the first time that i've been there in several weeks and i definitely don't go there for recreational caffeination.

as a final point, the beverage wasn't even coffee-based!

Re: smash the state

you've nearly adequately rationalized this.

just don't let me catch you there again.
Starbucks baristas are kind of like the Hitler Youth of today, only probably not as anti-semetic.
hmm. i definitely wouldn't go that far.

were the hitler youth pleasant and friendly even though they were part of the nazi empire? if so, maybe they are.


Yes, they were pleasant and friendly.
Can I ask what a barista is?

Also: I think you are too addicted to Starbucks. Who cares if you only go once every couple weeks (I think that's a lie) but anywho - too much!

It's all good though - I still love you;)

quid pro quo

the barista is the person that operates the espresso machine to make the coffee-house beverages. some people held up a starbucks just for a chance to play barista.

is your point that:
(1) once every couple of weeks is too often to go to Starbucks
(2) once every couple of weeks is too often to go to a cafe
(3) once every couple of weeks is too often to consume a caffeinated beverage.

p.s. i really hadn't been to that starbucks in a few weeks. i used to go there almost every day that i went to my office, but i realized that that habit was much more expensive than smoking a pack a day.

Re: quid pro quo

Did it work? Did you feel special because he recognized you?

Wow, some people have strong feelings about caffeine/Starbucks!!

Re: quid pro quo

I had mixed feelings about being recognized by the staff. In a way, it's nice that they remember your favorite beverage. On the other hand, it makes me feel predictable.

but being recognized by this woman outside the cafe setting ... odd. though it's not like she stopped me while I was running to say hello or anything creepy.

Re: quid pro quo

though it's not like she stopped me while I was running to say hello or anything creepy.

You know in televised marathons how spectators or officials hold out cups of water, and the runners grab them while running past, drink on the run, and then chuck the cups on the road?

If you smiled at her the right way, I think you and the barista could get a similar thing happening with the chai.

Re: quid pro quo

yeah. though it would be better if we could work something out in a non-running situation. when running, i just don't crave hot caffeinated beverages.

maybe if i were walking down the street and someone delivered a tasty beverage on cue. that would be something.