josh (joshc) wrote,

josh plays the "josh is" game

Josh is more aging out of than aging into adolescence
Josh is Filming was produced by Zdenek Boucek for Czech Radio.
Josh is currently in a job hunt, having been laid off from his previous position.
Josh is Seeing Double
Josh is on the road again
Josh is Better than Travis
Josh is gonna play in Child's Play 5
Josh is a very talented actor and the saddest part is, he dosen't get the amount of credit that he deserves

Josh is their Guardian Angel
Josh is the hot guy who is best known for his role as Charlie Conway in the three
Mighty Ducks movies
josh is a rock band
Josh is sorta cute I guess
Josh is doing all the right things,
Josh Is A Dad Again
Josh is an engaging child
Josh is a great teacher and an exceptional artist
Josh is in another movie! YAY!
Josh is a Biochemistry major in his last year
Josh is a member of Beta Club, the Math Team, the SAT Team and the German Honor Society

Josh is a co-founder and Managing Partner
Josh is a near-bald, overweight single
Josh is a hottie. josh is da bomb. josh is a babe.

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