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I've pretty much decided to dedicate the weekend to studying for the prelim exam. It's in a week and a half and I need to pass if I want to hang around to get a PhD. So, I guess it's important enough not to completely neglect.

The weather turned nice this afternoon, so I tried to run to get at least a little fresh air. It was warm and I was feeling very under-nourished/motivated/etc; so it wasn't much fun.

I really don't have any study skills. How that's possible after spending my life in the educational system, I don't know.


i just wanted to gush over how nice the new wilco cd is. ahh. "i am trying to break your heart" is just lovely. and uhm, perhaps the educational system failed me too, because i am lacking study skills...


yeah - i downloaded YHF when it was online during the label contraversy. i felt a little guilty for not buying the CD given my enjoyment of it; so i bought one for my dad for fathers day. if he doesn't like/want it, i'll be happy to take it for myself!