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minor achievement of the night: bought plane tickets to go to michigan at the end of june / beginning of july for family fun. while i'm there, i'll probably do some krieger 2002 campaigning. i'll be there for about a week and a half, but that was the best fare and it's not really worth the extra money to get back to seattle right away.

okay. i think i'll sleep for a few hours.

wow. i think the intense 90 degree heat is breaking. i think that was a cool breeze i just felt coming through the window.


Are you going to be in the Lansing area at all while you're in MI?


I doubt it. I'll be flying in to Grand Rapids and will probably head directly to Ludington.


Ok, I guess I'll just see you in September then...
for some reason, i find it difficult to escape the gravitational pull of my family.

if i start to go completely insane in the wilds of northern michigan and need to make a run for it, i'll let you know.


Totally understandable, I have a hard time escaping my mom and she's across the country! But yeah, if you feel the need for a trip to your alma mater, give me a call or something!