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bye bye $

after today's techfee meeting, i remembered that fathers day was this weekend. i tried to find something of interest on the ave, but the bookstore and the import shop pretty much failed me.

I ended up buying some new CDs at tower. I don't think my dad has bought a CD in years (if ever), so if he already has the latest from the White Stripes & Wilco, I'll be shocked. I have no idea if he'll like them, but they are both great albums in my opinion.

While I was there, i bought the new Mum CD. As you can see, I'm listening to it now. It is pretty good, but maybe not as good as their other one.

Because I'm such a slacker (and because my family will be at the lake), I had to spring for priority mail. That is some expensive postage!

On the way home, I bought Office for OS X. I'm not sure how I feel about that -- buying an apple and immediately installing Microsoft products. But AppleWorks just isn't doing it for me and I have a thesis to finish.


office v.X is pretty nice. I still don't quite feel at home to it as much as Word and Excel. However it's an improvement over Office 2001. Don't forget to snag the service pack for office v.X it came out last week i think (or maybe a couple weeks ago).
thanks for the tip. i just downloaded the service packs.

btw, do you use entourage for email? if so, does it let you submit livejournal replies?


I actually rarely use my ibook for emails... however I believe it works fine for lj replies (I may be wrong though)