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beach, outside

The aftermath of the election makes it seem like we're all in for a very serious emo time, better suited to journaling than yelling on Facebook, yet I can barely figure out how to use the "new" livejournal or read the friends feed/page/whatever it is now.


They've gotten hearts since I was last here.
Looks like we are friends now. Phewf.
For a minute, it wouldn't even let me comment on my own post!
I'm taking a bit of a Facebook and news break. I need to stop feeling like the world is ending for five minutes so I can figure out if it really is or not.
I probably should, but so far I can't break my twitter and Facebook addictions. I have at least mostly quit my pre-election cable news habit.
Baby steps. Luckily I find it easier to quit bad news.
It seems so peaceful over here in LJ land.
I knew LJ would come back into fashion if we just waited long enough.

It's funny, because I was just thinking (before the election) that 750words is kind of vintage now, which makes LJ totally antique. And yet 750words keeps growing. And LJ is still here for the peacemaking. Of course, if you all actually start reading my entries again - I might slip back into feeling filtered here, which I haven't felt for a long time.