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working vignette

Sometimes people wonder what I do at work all day: Today's answer is that I will have spent probably 8 hours or more entering twenty people's names and addresses into an ancient website.

Part of this excessive timesuck is that until today (the due date) I didn't know that I'd need their street addresses (why?) so I have been hunting them down in the Google. The other part of this black hole of productivity is because the website is so very poorly made that rearranging the order of the names takes approximately one minute for each re-ordering and only allows one position change per page load. Oh, and sometimes the website just gets sleepy and crashes the whole browser with its frustrated narcolepsy.

But, hey! The reason for this nonsense is submitting an abstract for a meeting in Paris in July. So, maybe the violins I'm hearing are on the smaller side.


your phd in data entry is super impressive!
In the time that it's taken me to wrangle this small amount of information, I think that I could have learned web design and built a better submission site.
i know the feeling all too well. some of our tools here are ridiculously janky.
my tools are ridiculously janky, too. and jeez, i work at MICROSOFT now! that is something i did not expect.
You totally should! And then sell it on etsy.

We had a meeting today that resulted in concluding that since grants.gov sucks so much, it's a good thing our larger applications are still submitted on paper forms. Dear federal government, get it together.
this is for an Alzheimer's conference; I suspect that all of this hassle is part of some sort of memory experiment.
Hey Federal Government! What she said!
agreed. the FDA is making me very angry this week.