josh (joshc) wrote,

cider house

The combination of mimosas and scrambled breakfast biscuit didn't leave me feeling particularly awesome, but I moped through the nausea and went on today's autumn expedition, mainly because this seasonal weather is just about as perfect as you could ever want and apple cider is always awesome. The apple place wasn't really much of a tourist attraction in and of itself, mainly a store where they let you taste cider made of honeycrisps and buy things like honey or fruit leather (if you're feeling up for purchasing, that is). We tried next to follow the advice of a flyer to visit Barn Place (not, unfortnuately Barn Palace). When we arrived, our car was swarmed by large, intimidating roosters and the owner told one of the braver among us that the costumed tour festivities lasted only for two weeks, this one not being one of them. Instead, we left for a more commercial fruitery and walked around the perimeter of the corn maze, dodging attack birds, hearing the screams of navigating children, sitting on pumpkins for album covers, jumping on dirt roads, and having a look at a pen of ducks, pygmy goats, and alpacas. At home I watched an episode of the first season of Friday Night Lights, had some leftover soup, pried the air conditioner out of my window, and read a little bit more of Infinite Jest over a glass of mulled wine. The hyperacuity panic attack section kind of set off a sympathetic chord. Now, it's time for Mad Men.

Other things from this weekend include a triple feature birthday party at the Twilight, home of an amazing ADD goldendoodle [?], and coaxing myself into Soul Night and staying much much later than expected.


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