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I finished my paper in a timely fashion and this morning's exam wasn't too strenuous; so that was definitely a good thing. My last spring quarter commitment was to be evaluators for another team. That was a little more fun than being evaluated.

After all of that class stuff, I came home and fell asleep for about an hour, which was totally disorienting. When I woke-up I put together a quick critique of the other biostat group's proposal. I hope it was somewhat coherent.

Tonight was supposed to be a return to trivia quiz night Tuesdays at George & the Dragon. It was possibly the best turn out of all time, but alas - instead of a quiz, the featured entertainment was tape-delayed world cup football action. After that, there was some dance-ish music, which totally broke my impression of what an english pub should be about.

We relocated to Cafe Ladro for a little bit and then hung out at Rachel's.