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If only everyone in Seattle knew that you can buy a ridiculous little air conditioner on Amazon for about $100 and have it arrive one day later ... the internet would sound a whole lot less panicked (especially since it's war machine season in the sky; the combination can't be good).


How heavy is it?
oh, the product page says 43 lbs shipping weight:


my hassle was having it shipped to my apt, which has no buzzer. thought about having it shipped to work and then just calling a cab to bring it home.

it cools a pretty modest area, but suitable enough for creating a chilled zone for lounging, sleeping, or not being driven completely insane by the airplanes.
sigh. one day i'll be able to afford one. i better start saving up for next year..just in case!

do you do amazon fresh at all? my friend got free flowers from his order a few times!
I haven't used Amazon Fresh, though I've also heard good things about it. The main reason that I ordered the little air conditioner is that I bought a Prime account last year when I had tons of last-minute xmas shopping to do. Since it's still active, overnight shipping on a 40 pound box was only $3.99.
Holy crap, that's so cheap! Does the shipping deal work for different companies that sell stuff through Amazon or is it only to purchase directly from Amazon? I've thought about doing that last year but should have, since cat food and litter is 1000x cheaper online..
mostly just for things sold by amazon, though there are exceptions. whenever you search for something you can filter by "prime eligible". 2-day shipping is "free" and 1-day is $3.99.
that's still such a good deal. maybe this christmas...zappos.com just got bought out by amazon.. i wonder how shipping will work for that, since zappos is pretty swell too, shipping-wise! stay cool! :)
24 hour shipping from zappos saved my wedding day. :)
I spread the word. :)