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weekend in the sun

party after the block party

This afternoon I saw something on Twitter about Amazon selling little air conditioners for approximately a hundred dollars, looked at the week's forecast, remembered that I have a Prime account, and clicked the one-day one-click order button. The delivery time, though, looks like considerably more than one day. I guess that's fine. I already feel like a bad person for having purchased something so silly; having the contraption in my home should be even funnier.

The weekend was the Capitol Hill Block Party, a music festival with a name that angers people who believe that block parties should intrinsically be free of charge. Then again, people love to be irritated by minor things like the weather and new Starbucks stores opening with non-Starbucks names; so, salt grains, et c. The festival, though, was fun, if not hot and crowded and tiring in a good, navigating through bottlenecks and hordes of people while hauling heavyish camera gear way that leaves you physically and mentally exhausted. Things like folded molten pizzas, sparkling fruit sodas, and improvised micheladas can feel like life savers. And mysterious Red Bull Colas found backstage provide the energy not to retreat home; going instead to weird parties in warehouse-type basements that are more fun than pancakes. Beyond that, though, I'm still too frazzled to think of more to say than that the Gossip are a force of nature and that I appreciated how Japandroids brought a wind machine as a way of controlling dramatic hair.


that basement is where my friend's studio is. they went down there one night to work and asked "are all you people working down here?" of course they weren't, they had just found an empty space and inhabited it. weird. good thing the studio was locked.

i am a crotchety old lady, i'm behind kicking people out who don't belong.
wow. that is really weird and kind of creepy. I had no idea!

maybe that explains why they were keeping the party to just one half of the space and the dancing in a very small room in the corner.
i find it interesting that in a situation like the block party where everyone is smashed together, people will just find and unlocked door and take over the space behind it. like it's all just space to be used by the block party. it makes sense in a way, it's also incredibly rude.

(12th avenue)

this thing looked pretty organized, it really didn't seem like someone just randomly found an open door at the end of the night. if so, they got there early enough to set up lights, a bar, a guest list, hang a swing set, and arrange for Champagne Champagne to DJ.

Re: (12th avenue)

oh good. glad there were sanctioned underground parties.

Re: (12th avenue)

Obviously, if it wasn't OK with the people who own the space, it's atrocious and highly objectionable behavior. I'm just saying that I never would have suspected it.
There are new Starbucks opening that aren't called Starbucks? That's hilarious.

I avoid the CHBP and all music festivals because the older I get, the more I hate a throng of people. I do like to walk quickly. But this doesn't mean that I didn't have moments over the weekend that I spent kicking myself for missing certain bands, especially Gossip, who are a favorite.