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Rumors of a car camping trip were circulating last week and when, on Thursday morning in the midst of a morning of conference calls, I received an angry e-mail from an Italian I decided to throw some supplies in a backpack, take the rest of the day off, and join the adventure to Deception Pass. We assembled in a plush Eurovan, which had been a longtime dream since a trip on the ferry to Orcas Island when one was parked next to us in the queue. By noon we were heading north and after a quick stop to wander around the strip mall parks of Burlington for Starbucks, look into an abandoned shack of a psychic reader, and explore the surrounding area for fast foods, we made our way to our campsite with its exceptional privacy. We immediately set to assembling a tent, unfolding the van, and starting a fire. This is where we were when We Heard The News (via text from someone's teenage relative).

Later, there was a trip to the lake for paddleboating or water tricycling followed by a look at the rocky beach and a bit of getting lost on non-paths. Soon, though, we returned to gorge on chips and salsa, cook dinner, and concoct marshmallow (or marshmallow fluff) dessert items, the best of which included peanut butter cups. Because the cold was more formidable than anticipated and the van too tempting we all found a way of sleeping inside it, relegating the tent to storage.

The next morning included another visit to the beach to look at sea creatures, crab claws, rocks, and hordes of identically shirted teens set upon cleaning the beach to become leaders. On the way home, we forewent cute local cafes and returned to our beloved strip mall to engage in the delights of the Olive Garden. Tragically for other diners, a product sourcing issue had resulted in the removal of all cream-based items from the daily selections. While we coped well with this, our booth neighbors were nearly devastated by the news. They loudly pondered their substandard non-alfredo options and friends from other tables dropped in to question them about how they were coping.


On Saturday, some crazy friends crashed a half-marathon to raise money for kids. I awoke in time to walk the two miles from my apartment to the finish line at Qwest Field's parking lot to congratulate them on their accomplishment. Contrary to my suspicions, everyone on the team finished with highly respectable times despite making several alcoholic refreshment stops along the course. The runners were hungry for burgers, but it was only 10 in the morning; so we piled into a minivan, went to the grocery store, and picked up supplies for creating a barbecue on a sun soaked concrete patio. Fun grilling and drinking times ensued. We eventually left for the "beach" at Denny Blaine with ten people in a minivan whose side door was stuck in the "open" position, causing fun temptation of death and garnering curious looks from pedestrians.

After some recovery napping, some of us reconvened at the Lookout (the old Artemis, with a less exciting menu and new decorations) for a bit before partially crashing a birthday party. There, the fun activity of drinking small quantities of liquid through a tiny funnel was discovered at approximately the same time that a delicious beverage based on grapefruit soda was conceived.


The next day involved mostly sleeping in and watching many episodes of Law & Order. Did you know that Jeff Goldblum (not dead!) is on one of them now. It's hilarious and he plays the piano every chance he gets.

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