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The day after returning home from London, I tried to see at least one SIFF screening a day, falling off the wagon maybe only once when it turned out that my pass wasn't powerful enough to get me into the evening with Francis Ford Coppola for Tetro. Along the way, I did a horrible thing and "tweeted" capsule reviews of the 35 films that I saw.

Now that it's all over, for the sake of posterity in the face of Twitter's sub-optimal searching capabilities (even with the dreaded "hashtags", it fails), a compilation. Doing these reminded me of one of my favorite middle school sports: writing 25-word-sentences for points in English class. (I imagine that if Ms. S., were she still teaching school instead of physical energy vampire clinics, might use twitter even though the character limit is far more restrictive.)

my SIFF in 4369 characters. (note that in violation of house style due to the overwhelming spirit of compactness, the first link goes to SIFF, the second to the twitter status update; note also that the first three were faked because I saw them ahead of the festival, before this questionable idea occurred to me.)

Now, to conjure some summary information graphics...

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