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I don't know how it happened that I became a person that not only watched but also voted for American Idol.



i went and saw it in person, if that helps you feel better.
that is a line that I don't expect to cross. but who knows. now anything seems possible.
i didn't expect to cross that line, either!
I went to Double Dare live to see Mark Summers and the gang at the mall, in 1989.
I can't believe you missed the Vaselines but watched American Idol. When you get back: exorcism.
it's much easier to do laundry at home than at neumo's.
If only the sit & spin was still around.

Bad news

I'm pretty sure you'll be here when Eurovision is on.

Re: Bad news

I think that it also means that I'll miss the American Idol finale.

Re: Bad news

It's on pretty much live here.
this is where it gets even worse: I voted for Kris. He's the least worst of the remaining three. I hope Allison makes lots and lots of money.
Adam usually sounds like a dying animal. I wonder if it sounds magically better in the studio.
he lives to sing another day; a last chance to stop the wailing.