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We went to see the reincarnation of the Crocodile last night and boy is it ever miraculously spacious and prettied up. I think that it will be a great place to see (and hear) shows and eat pizza, but I can't help but hate it a little bit for being so completely and utterly different from the old Crocodile Cafe. I really loved how it was such an unironic junkyard of kitsch and imperfection, from the weird showroom layout, to the actual cafe, to the communal downtrodden back bar.

That said, I am really glad that this new place has opened with a similar name in the old location and is being run by smart music lovers who transformed into something new and nice. Talking about it in the old hallway (one of maybe three remnants), the idea that it's the crocodile for who we are now came up. I think I agree and can't wait to fall in love with it on its own terms.


What I'm most excited for is that Josh won't be behind a pole when he plays any more!