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snoqualmie falls

My mother and her friend have been in town for the weekend; so it's been kind of touristy in here. Saturday was a little drive out to Snoqualmie Falls (close, pretty, and Twin Peaksy) and having a look at the Olympic Sculpture Park. On Sunday we milled around the Sunday Market in Fremont followed by a raid of Theo's Chocolate, watched some sailboats going through the Locks, a driveby of Golden Gardens, a peek at the Suzzallo reading room, and the crowding into Thai Tom. They also became obsessed enough to do double brunching at Costal Kitchen.

In between, I went to a birthday party, had beet tacos, and tripped on the way home and scraped up my hand a bit on the sidewalk.

Today I sent them off to the Space Needle and the Public Market on their own. There is a certain level of tourist activity that I don't need to relive.


Did you actually fall down? It's funny to think how often that happened to you as a kid and therefore was no big deal, while it is rare and therefore kind of traumatic as an adult. I guess that's because of our improved motor skills?

drinking may have played a role

yeah, a real live fall! I'm sure that it was temporarily traumatic for kids, but more familiar and with maybe faster-healing / more resiliance.

Re: drinking may have played a role

Plus, kids are closer to the ground. Not as far to fall.