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BSG not-really spoiler


I actually need to re-watch it because they explained almost everything in this episode, but my mom is visiting and I couldn't watch every single second with the appropriate level of attention.


Oops, reposting my anonymous comment...

That was a great episode. I like Ellen a lot more now. Killing all the stupid characters was a good idea. I'm guessing that David's gonna be a central character in the last episodes... they couldn't resist throwing in one more cylon.
Makes sense that they had 13 though... and I think the current bet is that Daniel is Kara's father.

I wasn't so thrilled about John Hodgman on BSG. It was a little TOO convenient that there was a "brain guy" in the fleet, and he was waaaay too cheery. Not to mention that I was expecting him to spout absolute gobbledygook and make fun of the main characters. (Which would have been cool, but quite against the vibe of the show!) :)
I'm sure Joe will be happy that there's another chance for Starbuck's mom to be a cylon. Even if it means that Daniel is a woman.

Hodgman on it was definitely weird, but kind of in a good way. I guess that it makes sense that there's at least one more doctor out of 40K survivors.
Well, Starbuck's dad was a pianist, and Daniel was an artist. We'll see what happens! Only a few episodes left. Wish it didn't need to end!

Hodgman was a little weird. I thought it was a little TOO convenient that they had a "brain guy" around the fleet right when they needed him the most, especially when it seemed like Cottle was the only one going around playing doctor for 30-50,000 people for three years. To me, it'd be almost as strange as going to a medical clinic in Aberdeen, finding that you have a brain cloud, and hearing that a neurosurgeon that can help you out lives right down the street.

Then again, we never quite saw any of the medical staff from the Pegasus...
My explanation is that Cottle is a military doctor; so we mostly saw him running the clinic on Galactica. It would make sense for every ship to have some medical people of their own. Each one is basically like its own town; so they would need someone to take care of the people on board (otherwise they'd need to jump back to a planet every time someone got a cold).

But yes, I'm not sure that the rate of expert neurosurgeons in the general population is really 1:40,000.
The ratios could be screwed up because of random chance, of course. If there were a whole mess of dentists going to a convention when the war started, maybe now there's a ship full of people with perfect teeth!
yeah. I really need to watch it again, but I'm so glad that the revolutionary characters are dead and out of the picture as we wind toward the finale.