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open letter

Dear Pike Street Fish Fry,

Why do you refuse to say open late? Is there any better target demographic for delectable fried foods than people who have been out at nearby shows or bars? You claim to be open "late", but I have yet to find the doors unlocked past midnight. In these challenging economic times are you really so eager to cede business to the hot dog vendor across the street or the heavenly delights at Tacos Gringos a short hike away?

Hungrily confused & rescued by a cream cheese veggie dog,

. josh


They were closed? Seriously? That place is insane.
yeah. someone was still inside at midnight, but the doors were locked and they were closing. I just don't get it. Why do they exist if not to serve fried foods late at night?

Re: sting.

Michael Hebberoy is a great big liar.
the dearth of decent late night eats is one of this city's greatest downfalls.
PSFF is even more offensive due to (1) being nominally housed inside a rock club and (2) having a sign on the door claiming to be open until 2 am. I mean, maybe people go there for lunch or dinner, but I had always assumed that the point of its existence was serving late night fried foods.
agreed. i'm also offended by their astronomically high prices for fish and chips. granted they are delicious, but way too expensive to be eaten standing up with snark on the side.
I haven't been able to go there frequently enough (and don't even eat fish) to notice the prices. The only times I've managed to get food from them have been for happy hour spanish fries or fried beans, both of which were delicious.
yeah, the fish is the spendy stuff, you're saving money.
When we get married and you start eating fish, you'll get to try it.