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so ... what's everyone doing to celebrate the superb owl this sunday?


not sedea's party?
Maybe, but probably not. She actually wants to watch the game, and it's likely that football + grandpa sedea would be too much like actually being in Tampa for it. I'd be up for it if it were a reprisal of last year's Last American Virgin and Puppy Bowl fiesta, though.
ah. i didn't realize that. it really seems like no one pays attention to much more than the first bits of the game, but i could see how it could go badly.

not that i actually care or am sure that i want to be doing anything. i only just learned that it was already that time of year when i got around to writing that album leaf thing.
freddy just texted that he wants to do the Last American Virgin and puppy bowl party again... so we're doing it over here. probably later in the eve though since i'll need pj party recovery time. wanna join us? maybe 6 or 7ish?
I worship the superb owl with offerings of field mice and sing along with recordings of hoots.
making football shape cookies and going to a party.
after a non slumber slumber party, right?

(have you found something appropriate for an art opening + a go-go pajama party yet?)
Yeah, that party is on Saturday and the Superbowl is Sunday, right?

I think I'm just going to wear one of my vintage dresses. I figure you can be a little costume-y for an art opening.
i'll be costume-y too.
i'm just just hanging around with my crew.

Re: watch top chef?

i am feeling the love.