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plans / reblogging myself

I don't remember ever even thinking about watching an inauguration, let alone planning to wake up by 7 am to get ready to watch one. Yet, that's what I'm doing for tomorrow -- the idea is to go to Spitfire before 8 to try to get a seat and head elsewhere if it's too crowded. Either way, it will be less cold and with a better view than if I was in DC. Possibly less exciting too, but let's not focus on that right now, OK?

Here is the best thing the internet did with its day of service: Animal Collective “My Girls” (Special Obama Inaug Remix Edition) (dedicated to Sully the Airline Pilot)" [topherchris], enhanced greatly by the corresponding artwork [catbird]. Have I mentioned how good Merriweather Post Pavillion is?

BTW, when you're done with that, take a stroll down memory lane with Carrie Brownstein's survey of the last eight years of protest music. [monitormix]


I've been meaning to tell you that the new Belltown Buckleys is also opening at 7. They have lots of televisions. I'm sort of mad at them because we ordered Manhattan Clam Chowder there and it had sausage in it. Gross. Anyhow, they may just be empty since they are new and all.
What's Belltown Buckleys? I'll keep it in mind for an backup plan. What are you doing?
Yes, it's right next to my soon to be former salon. Where Marjorie was.

I'll see you at Spitfire. Alarm is set. Erin will also be there.

I'm gonna try to meet up with you guys at Spitfire! I'm also aiming to be somewhere around the 7am hour.

I just downloaded MPP yesterday and listened to it today. I love it so much already.
SOOO EXCITED! smell ya later, mr bush.