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I don't remember ever even thinking about watching an inauguration, let alone planning to wake up by 7 am to get ready to watch one. Yet, that's what I'm doing for tomorrow -- the idea is to go to Spitfire before 8 to try to get a seat and head elsewhere if it's too crowded. Either way, it will be less cold and with a better view than if I was in DC. Possibly less exciting too, but let's not focus on that right now, OK?

Here is the best thing the internet did with its day of service: Animal Collective “My Girls” (Special Obama Inaug Remix Edition) (dedicated to Sully the Airline Pilot)" [topherchris], enhanced greatly by the corresponding artwork [catbird]. Have I mentioned how good Merriweather Post Pavillion is?

BTW, when you're done with that, take a stroll down memory lane with Carrie Brownstein's survey of the last eight years of protest music. [monitormix]

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