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Snuggiestar Galactica

Oh, just hanging out at a Friday night Battlestar Galactica partytrying on a spare Snuggie during one of the recap episodes.


You looked like a monk that had skinned Cookie Monster for a robe.
he deserved it.
Or one of the Final Five (Muppets).
of course: missing from the last supper picture.
where did you get that? the blue thing.
it's not mine! it was just at the house where I watched BSG.

That is terribly cute.
I love that you're sorta making Jesus fingers. It works in so many ways.
HAH! You should wear that as clothes at least one time. Please.
YOU resurrected Kara Thrace!

It would be awesome if they gave a weak, cancer treament-ridden Laura Roslyn a Snuggie in one episode.
Oh my gosh, one of those! Yes! I don't know why they make me so excited! Also, you look sort of like an Ewok in that. Except for the non-bear like characteristics.
Total wizard!