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how will i know where i am?

oh no, you guys. google's killing dodgeball for real this time:
Some of you may also be familiar with Dodgeball.com, a mobile social networking service that lets you share your location with friends via text message. We have decided to discontinue Dodgeball.com in the next couple of months, after which this service will no longer be available. We will communicate the exact time-frame shortly. [google-code-updates]

Does this mean we have to switch to brightkite ([brightkite.com/people/joshc/])? Surely there must be a "save dodgeball" campaign?


oh dear, how will I know what my one friend on dodgeball is up to now!?
have you seen http://ping.fm/ ? maybe they have linked to something that is like dodgeball?
there are a lot of things like dodgeball, just not a lot of things that my friends already use. brightkite is the closest i've seen.
Well, they'll just have to use something else, won't they?
brightkite is not it. there is something else similar to dodgeball but i just can't think of it now cos i'm drunk.
I haven't looked much at britekite, but it doesn't seem to serve the same functions as dodgeball. Do you think it will be an acceptable substitute for non-iphoneisms?
yeah. It seems like it does about the same thing. On iphone, the app can find you, but I think it even lets you check in by text using the "@". Not sure how broadcasts work, but I think they're available.


One thing that I like about it is that there's a way to see who else is nearby even if they aren't your friend.

Edited at 2009-01-15 08:05 am (UTC)
Huh. In the extended thingamajigger, it says that the "!" command posts to the place where you are, which doesn't really seem to be a broadcast, and also seems to be useless because why would you want to message people where you already are?

I guess there's no real choice, and I'll ultimately use whatever everyone else is using and deal with the shortcomings, but it still seems like britekite is heavily iphone biased, which is why I didn't like it in the first place. People without iphones have friends too.
I remember the days way back when Dodgeball was an email address and it didn't work with some phones that couldn't text to an email address. Then I found out on t-mobile there was a hack where you could text "500 seattle@dodgeball.com + whatever else" to get around it.

Brightkite works with a different metaphor than bar-hopping but they are adding features all the time for all kinds of phones. I bet they'll use the end of Dodgeball as an opportunity to add more Dodgeball-like things.

Still, even though I hardly use Dodgeball anymore, it's sad to see it ending.
oh god! horrible!
brightkite doesn't do it for me but I'm sure there are other copy cats. for now, i guess we just have to mas text everyone with our plans.