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inauguration times

What are people who aren't going to DC doing for the inauguration? I've been looking into Seattle options [metblogs]. Right now the Stranger's party is sold out. Spitfire isn't doing reservations; so if the World Cup and debates are any indication that could be a hassle. That leaves Central Cinema (probably more fun) and Palace Kitchen (possibly better food?). Both are less than $20 for breakfast and champagne and now both are sold out :/.



Cafe Presse is also showing the inauguration, with no reservations. I can't decide if this is something I can't miss, or if it's gonna just be silly.
I love Cafe Presse, but it's small and they have one television in the front.

Even if its silly, it seems like something not to miss.

Edited at 2009-01-13 11:20 pm (UTC)
Palace sounds good. I'll wake up super early that day.
I still need to find out if there are reservations at the Palace Ballroom. I also forgot to mention that it's hosted by Jean Godden, on city council. So who knows.
oh, well i'll do whatever as long as someone else is planning it ;p
I will be going to WORK, but I know that King Cobra at least is having a party at night for it, too.
you mean Obama Day isn't a national holiday?
I was hoping to make it to Palace Ballroom, but it's sold out, too.
Ah. Good to know. I guess I'll get tickets for Central Cinema before they're gone too.


ah. too late. they're sold out now.

Re: ack

I figured once they were aggregated they'd sell out fairly quickly. I'm not sure what I want to do. I've got to work that day, and I'll be going out to celebrate that night, but the inauguration isn't something I want to catch later on TiVo.

Re: ack

yeah. I should have made my purchases before aggregating the options.

there are still a bunch of free options like Spitfire or the Paramount. Right now, I guess I'm inclined to try Spitfire and if it's a mess head to the Paramount. That place is big enough that I doubt that they'll hit capacity.

Re: ack

yeah, but we also thought the showbox wouldn't hit capacity on election night and it only took like an hour to fill that place up.

i work at 10:45 but may want to go somewhere before. it wouldn't really be worth paying much money for though.

Re: ack

oh, I knew that the Showbox would hit capacity, though I didn't expect it so fast. The Paramount is huge and it's early; so I'm more optimistic about that one.
Took the day off, staying at home to watch on my 42" in HD aw yeah.
yeah. that's another option.
I'm sure I could also go to work and watch it in the newsroom, but yeah then I would also have to, you know, work.
WTF, I thought this was during the day. Am I the only person who has to work???
it's an afternoon event in DC, so morning in Seattle.
That's what I thought. Champagne parties on a Tuesday morning ain't for the working girl. Sigh.
I was gonna take amnesty this weekend for a birthday party, but now I'm thinking it's better for something totally historic. I'm gonna block my work schedule tomorrow. I'll go anywhere! Spitfire (gag) has the most screen space!
yeah I don't heart spitfire either, but it is sometimes fun with a crowd. at this point, swinging by spitfire and using the paramount as backup seems like the easiest.
Sit and spit fire it is! Are you going to be there at 8am sharp? Might as well do it the whole hog style right?
Since I live near DC, I'm staying home and watching it on TV. I'm not braving the traffic of 4 times as many people as the mall has ever seen.
I'll probably stay here at home and watch it on my nice tv. Unless I'm invited somewhere.