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even though sometimes it means getting blinded by flashbulbs, sometimes you have to admit that having people at parties taking good photos is fun because eventually you will need a zany picture to represent your personal brand on a social website and then you can go back to your "faves" and find something suitable.


Agreed. Dom Holden referred to the "Hipster Paparazzi" in his Party Crasher column on Mcleod's closing night. I think the comparison (a love/hate, symbiotic relationship) with Celebrity Paparazzi is dead on, for just the reasons you describe (I'd add "appealing to one's natural vanity", but maybe that's just me).
I have started trying to accept that there will always be many, many unflattering pictures of me on the internet as long as I hang out with people with cameras, and also hoping that they will be too unflattering for recognizability.
it is a difficult journey. I at least appreciate it when people appear to be exercising some quality control to diminish the unflattery.
That is an argument I have given up having with both Sedea and David, who both appear to think I am speaking Martian when I bring it up.
yeah. I should also try to stop combatting this phenomenon by intentionally making awful faces and expecting to keep pictures from being posted. I think that the real trick is to secretly pre-review the pictures and delete the most offensive ones while the photographers are busy drinking.
i am glad i don't live in new york anymore for many reasons, but one is that i don't like being the subject of db's camera. he takes amazingly wonderful photos but always somehow chooses the unflattering ones to post on the internet. he'll admit this, too.

(i'll use my db pic icon for this comment, thx)
All that said, this SHOULD be your new icon on all the most popular social networks out there. It's awesome, and totally you.
That's a good picture.