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presidential lunching

Today president-elect Obama lunched with the three living ex-presidents and one living president [brietbart]. Aaron thought that four seemed small [twittr]; so I looked at how the number of living ex-presidents varied over the history of the republic.

I made this pretty hastily, but even without accounting for the time spans it looks like our current situation is a bit above average. It will be even moreso after the next inauguration.

(data from “List of U.S. Presidents by Age” [wiki])


Holy shit you made that? What tools did you use? How long did it take?
A couple hours (mainly due to miscalculating the bottom graph) using Stata and then cleaned-up a bit in Illustrator.
you are awesome! I was kind of wondering about this today!
This is awesome!

I'd expect the # of ex-presidents alive to trend upwards as lifespans increase.
I agree. Especially if we keep electing relatively young people.