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in russia social network eats you


Is the end of LJ near? I think it's the reported firings of engineers and product managers that seems scariest. Anyone have a favorite backup utility?

edit: I now have a 2019 page PDF from ljbook and a bunch of XML from ljdump, which I guess seems sufficient. Not that I really want to look at any of that again, I just like knowing that it's there.


I'm always astounded at how nonexistent search is on LJ. My journal only occasionally even shows up in Google.

But yes, it's been clear for a really long time that the main advantage of LJ is that a bunch of people I like are using it.
But yes, it's been clear for a really long time that the main advantage of LJ is that a bunch of people I like are using it.

That, and there isn't really anything obviously better out there. Or is there?
I really haven't looked. As far as I know, LJ gets the balance between social & bloggy better than anything else I've seen. I don't know how much of its aesthetic got folded into Vox, as I never did anything with the account I signed-up for when they were testing.

I'm really a fan of tumblr, but its simple interface comes with a bit of weirdness.

another backup tool

evan has his cool Ruby interface to Livejournal, including a script to backup a journal and its comments to an SQLite database:


Re: another backup tool

I'm pretty sure that's way over my head.

Re: lj book

yes, it is pretty strange.
I've been using LJArchive (http://fawx.com/software/ljarchive/) since LJ was bought by Six Apart. I love it; I've used it to search through my entries.
that does look nice, but I don't have windows.
Darn. Sorry.

also worrying: spam on LJ

If you look at the Livejournal "latest posts" feed, you'll see that nearly all of the posts coming into livejournal are spam:

http://www.livejournal.com/stats/latest.bml (warning: lots of porn)

Is this being actively fought, or will it overwhelm LJ?

Re: also worrying: spam on LJ

wow. I had no idea. Makes me think that it should be possible to take a small node of livejournal and turn it into a happy little island that runs on the cheap.
ha ha ha, your subject line cracks me up. especially when I say it in my head with an accent.
They should just give it back to Brad, along with a couple million so he can hack on it and not have to work.
somehow I doubt he'd want it back.
Apparently, more people are thinking like you... LJ Book is completely clogged. Luckily, not as many LJers know Python.
yeah. I'm not exactly sure what I'll *do* with all of those XML entries, but it's nice to have them. The Windows-based options look a lot better, but not good enough to warrant using Windows.
It did fail on me right around May of last year... not good.
I didn't actually check to see if it finished my LJ book last night. It seemed to be working awfully hard even then. I think I also have everything in xjournal's plist, but that's probably an even less useful format. At least most of my posts from last year are doubled to tumblr.
Thank goodness I backed tanukisuit up. I wish ljbook wasn't clogged so I could back deviousschemer up too... I have so much stuff on that one : (
what about those other backups? LJbook seems the most intense and least useful.
I've been trying to do LJDump but it doesn't seem to work!