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no thanks, montel

Just when you think that the zombie presidential dollar coins couldn't get worse, they class them up with a painting of that has Zombie George Washington's dead eyes staring over Obama's shoulder. [obamacoincollection]


What? What!? I didn't know about zombie coins in the first place, and was better off!

Today I saw a photo of Obama at the yoga studio with a map of all the chakra channels, ect, superimposed on his face. Strange idolatry. I don't approve, but should take a picture next time I'm there anyhow.
Oh, the Washington one isn't even the worst. Adams is even scarier.
Jesus those things look cheap. Presidential coins were at least passable when it looked like a heavy metal that had been pressed into an attractive visage, but these just look like the cheapest, painted-on casino chips I've ever seen. Blech.
these are real coins with some sort of paint job. it seems to be the latest technology-enabled trend -- i've seen some truly awful ones for 9/11, too.