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impending nye

I hadn't seen these photobooth pictures from Buster & Kelliane's wedding reception until they turned up in Samantha's year-end photo review. But it's so funny/good that I couldn't resist reposting.

Speaking of the end of the year: (1) I still have listmaking to do, but feel that it's inappropriate to do so until the year is actually over, and (2) am wondering what you're doing for NYE. Right now, it looks like the plan is to ring it in at Linda's, but I imagine that there will be some migration at some point.


Jake says that there will be hijinks happening at the White Horse, although that feels a little far afield for post-Linda's wandering.
at least it's downhill...
yeah. it really turned out great: they'd set up a pretty awesome automated photobooth situation in the parlor during the wedding reception.

tying the bow tie was remarkably easy, but I still don't think I understand how the knot works. It's like a magic trick.