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snomg, pt. 2

I'm out of town through the weekend: could someone grab me a few copies of this "collector's edition" of the Stranger once they hit the newsstands?


that's a collector's issue? I wish I still had the one where they regretted hiring Sherman Alexie.
I don't know, that's what it says on the cover.
I'll grab a couple of them in case someone else doesn't.
thanks. guess I could just e-mail the Stranger and have them set a few aside. I'll be back Sunday anyway; so it will probably be fine.
This is your picture isn't it ?

Cool !
it is. I mean, I like the "regrets" issue and all, but the cover photo is the main reason I want a copy.
Yeah, I figured !
Did they pay you for it at least ?

merry xmas !
I don't know. I probably should've asked...
Wow Josh, congrats. And happy holidays, too.
This picture is becoming iconic. HIGH FIVE!
omg royalties.
i think the only royalties are the fame.
I think YOU may officially be a local celebrity. And to think, I knew you when you still lived in the dorms.
Ellen's right, this puts you on the map (of Seattle)!
it has been quite a journey -- this might even be more exciting than being party crashed, though I don't know if it's better than being mentioned by a. birch steen.
I submit that all these events are woven in a rich tapestry of your Seattle celebrityness.
congrats! that's awesome
You are the shit. It's official - I always knew it, but now it's official.