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scheduling change

Maybe I now have a rescheduled flight, but I'm unlikely to believe it until I'm on the plane. The NWA people were actually very nice, but it took several repeat calls until a magical new flight was added. Now I just need to figure out how to get to the airport with none of the taxis taking my calls.

You know, maybe we could celebrate this holiday on the other solstice instead? I don't think anyone believes it is really His birthday anyway and Saturnalia has really declined in importance as far as scheduling goes.


I say if you can get a friend with chains to take you, that's theh way. My friends waited and waited on the shuttle express and cabs and ultimately had to ask their neighbor to take them to the airport.

Good luck !
I'm supposed to fly to New Orleans tomorrow (via Houston...I'm kind of annoyed at being in George H.W. Bush International Airport, but at least it's not named for W). I'm also in the "I'll believe it when it happens" camp.

We called a car service for a ride (Seattle City Car Service). Doesn't look like it's that much more expensive than yellow cab, and they totally took our call.
Awesome. It might even be cheaper than Yellow Cab and they've promised to pick me up. With all of this disruption, though I'm reflexively skeptical of any travel-related commitment.

Edited at 2008-12-22 10:00 pm (UTC)
The 194 is still running to the airport!
I just saw something on the Slog where Christopher Frizzelle was complaining that the 194s were so overbooked that they kept leaving people in the cold. If the car service flakes, I might have to try my luck downtown.
i don't know their status right now, but i've usually used seattle town cars when i don't want to wait on shuttle express. it's ~$45-50

good luck Josh! I hope you make it.
if you want, call my driver Ali at S&A at 206-459-7903. He is up and running today (and most likely tomorrow unless there's a blizzard) and takes my specimens to the UW and other labs around town. He also does airport shuttling with his towncar as well.


But we need it to be now, when there is no light after 4:30 PM, b/c all of the festive lights cheer us up. If it were in June, then we'd be asleep before the pretty lights could be seen.


Glad you made it, eventually.