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i am this close to buying a little ibook to solve my computer problems. i went to the apple store today and they still have some of the old models so i need to think about if a little bit faster processor is worth a couple hundred dollars. anyone?

i could always try to have someone who is not an idiot fix my compaq laptop, but i'm just wanting something new and shiny (that is not cursed).

i hate how this tiny thing is pre-occupying me.

ok. off to carole's blue margarita party. yeah -- almost as cool an event title as dessert soiree a few weeks ago.


Order online for the student discount from Apple's website... and go for the Titanium G4 Powerbook instead. I love my iBook (500mhz, bought last july), but at times I wish I had a powerbook g4. My next mac purchase will most likely be their next desktop system. Of course I must buy a scooter first. priorities. yup


thanks for the advice.

as much i'd love to have the titanium g4, but I just can't justify the extra cash now.

the University Bookstore sells apples for the same price as the website, and I'm impatient (that, and a paper is due tuesday!). Don't know if the website would've let me avoid state taxes.

from my new ibook:

thanks for the advice.

comparing the apple store's discount on the old models to the university bookstore's minor discount on the new model helped to justify the extra money for the speedier model.

yeah. i have no desire to run OS9.