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The gang trekked from near and far to make it to Linda's for brunch this morning, where there were special guests and treats (thx maggie!), my favorite specials (tacocat! mextaca toddy), and a table in front of the heater. All the animal heads were still wearing their holiday bows and the greenery was still dehydrated, yet festive in its own Western-inspired divey way.

After a couple hours, we meandered a few blocks to Linda's latest endeavor, Oddfellows Cafe. Too stuffed to sample any of the food, we instead indulged in the drinks. The space, like most of her other places, is amazing. She's a savant for evoking a sense of time, place, authenticity, comfort, and an overwhelming desire to spend as much time as possible inside. Some, like Linda's, Smith, and King's could be perfect lifetime neighborhood pubs; others, like Oddfellows and Viceroy Rob Roy, rise to the level of dream homes.

With snow still coming down in glittery sprinkles, we called it an early night. Some of us had long walks ahead, and getting home before nightfall, when the snow zombies rise from their tombs, was essentials. Others, had laundry, packing, and pre-travel anxieties to attend to.


man i loved oddfellows. it's been a very long time since i've spent 4 daylight hours in a bar just enjoying the day. the snow-light through those great big windows sure was nice. i'll be interested to see how the differing seasons and times of day affect the ambiance.
my main surprise is that the windows don't face the park. for some reason that's where I thought it was going to be. on the bright side, at least the KFC is unlikely to return.